Image of Meditation - A3 Print

Meditation - A3 Print

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  • Premium - Gold Foil Detail on pattern areas - $30.00
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Pen and Ink illustration - Digitally printed on high quality 250gsm fleck paper (Spilt Milk) with a Matt finish. Optional hand-detailing with gold leaf. Each print is signed by the artist.

This illustration is part of a larger series of 11 works titled "SEED".

Each piece focuses on the communication of the interior world; exploring the subconscious and delving into the darker corners of the psyche - a world of memories, thoughts, fears and responses, which can be revealed through the subtleties of a pose or betrayed by a glance.

Extract from "SEED" A limited edition of 25 handmade Zines:

"Indulging in the inky black. The path back became harder to find each time. Hollow eyed I moved mechanically through the motions - my mind distant"

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